Top Interview Tips for Candidates: Making a Lasting Impression

Landing that dream job requires more than having the right qualifications; it’s about making a lasting impression during the interview.    

Think about it — you’re often up against several other candidates with similar skills and experience, so standing out in the hiring manager’s mind is key.   

Did you know there’s about a 4-7 second window to make a first impression? With such a small time frame, you’ll want to be prepared and present yourself in the best possible light.   

So, whether you’re a fresh graduate or searching for a huge career change, here are some top interview tips for making a memorable impression:  


  1. Research the Company

Tip #1: Research the Company

Before stepping into the interview room, ensure you’ve done your homework. You wouldn’t want to be caught off guard by a question about the company’s whereabouts, right?   

To save you from that awkwardness, take these steps:   

  • Stalk the Company Online   

Examine the company’s website, especially the “About Us” and “News” sections. These are goldmines for learning about its values, projects, and goals.  

Mentioning their current endeavour throughout a chat indicates you’re invested. For more tips on company research, check out Forbes’ guide on preparing for job interviews.   

  • Leverage Social Media   

Social media isn’t just for memes; it’s also a window into the company’s culture. Insights posted here can spice up your interactions, making them more personal.  

According to Entrepreneur, using social media for company insights may improve interview performance 

  • Understand their Offers   

Recognising the firm is one thing, but learning about its market position, competitors, and unique selling points may show your strategic thinking.  

This research won’t take as long as you might think, yet the payoff can be huge. It lets you ask thoughtful questions that demonstrate your knowledge.  


  1. Practice Your Answers

Tip #2: Practice Your Answers

Ever been caught off-guard by a question? A bit of rehearsal can turn that around.  

Here’s how you can ensure that your answers leave a positive impression:  

  • Understand the STAR Method  

When responding to behavioural interview questions, structure your answers in a Situation, Task, Action, and Result (STAR) format. This method helps you deliver concise and compelling stories about your previous work experiences. Highlighting what you did, how you did it, and the outcome helps interviewers envision your potential contribution to their team.  

For an in-depth look at the STAR method, visit Indeed’s guide.  

  • Practice Out Loud  

Practising your answers in your head is one thing, but saying them out loud is another. It’s surprising how different an answer can sound when spoken. Practice with a colleague or mentor who can offer genuine feedback.   

Alternatively, record yourself to evaluate your delivery and body language. This practice will improve the content of your answers and your confidence in delivering them.  

This preparation ensures you’re not just heard but remembered.  


  1. Make a Strong First Impression

Tip #3: Make a Strong Impression

You’ve heard the cliché: “Dress for the job you want.” Well, it’s gold. Erring on the side of professionalism never hurt anyone.   

And punctuality? It’s non-negotiable. Being early sets the pace, showing you’re reliable from the get-go. Indeed highlights the importance of professional attire in making a positive first impression.  

Your first interaction with them etches your image in their minds. A firm handshake, eye contact, and a kind smile may distinguish you from other candidates. 

And remember, a silenced phone is a silent nod to your respect for their time and the opportunity at hand.  


  1. Be Authentic

Tip #4: Be Authentic

In an era that craves authenticity, being yourself isn’t just recommended; it’s required.   

Sharing slices of personal anecdotes colours your professional narrative, showcasing a multifaceted individual behind the CV. It’s like adding a dash of your favourite spice to a well-loved recipe; it transforms the experience.  

So, stay true to your experiences and skills. If you hit a question that stumps you, honesty in admitting so can be more impressive than a fumbled answer.   

Remember, let your genuine self take the stage while maintaining a professional decorum that speaks volumes about your character. Forbes emphasises the value of authenticity in interviews.  


  1. Show Enthusiasm 

Tip #5: Show Enthusiasm

Ever faced an enthusiastic conversationalist? It’s infectious, right? That’s the energy you want to channel!   

Showcase your eagerness for the role, letting your body language echo your words. When you talk about the company or the role with a sparkle in your eye, it doesn’t just show interest; it shows a connection.  

Mentioning business or position highlights shows you’re prepared and enthusiastic. And don’t forget to express your gratitude for the opportunity; it’s like the cherry on top of a memorable meeting.   

Medium outlines how showing enthusiasm can make a difference.  


  1. Prepare Insightful Questions

Tip #6: Prepare Insightful Questions

Questions are a powerful tool. They can turn the table, showing you’re someone who looks beyond the horizon.   

Inquire about the role’s essence, the team’s dynamics, and how the role contributes to the company’s mosaic. It shows foresight and a readiness to engage deeply. For tips on crafting insightful questions, see The Muse’s guide.  

Peeling layers off their recent projects or news can unfurl new conversation threads, underscoring your proactive nature. It’s like showing them you’re already part of the team, looking toward the shared horizon!  


  1. Highlight Your Achievements

Tip #7: Highlight Your Achievements

This is your moment in the spotlight. Unravel stories of your achievements, not just as tales but as testaments to your potential.   

Whether it’s a project you led to success or hurdles you’ve overcome, they’re narrative nuggets that underscore your capabilities. Indeed offers strategies for effectively highlighting your accomplishments.  

Quantifying these achievements adds weight to your words. It’s one thing to say you improved sales; it’s another to say by how much. It demonstrates accomplishment and impact—a distinction that can set you apart.  


  1. Follow Up After the Interview

Tip #8: Follow Up After the Interview

The conversation doesn’t end when you step out.   

A thoughtful thank-you email keeps the dialogue going, punctuating your interest and embedding your name a tad deeper into their memory. It’s your final act, ensuring you’re not just another face in the day’s sequence of meetings. Read Forbes’ guide on crafting the perfect follow-up email.  

Reiterate your alignment with the role and company, and don’t shy away from bringing up memorable moments from the interaction. It’s like leaving them with a bookmark, a reminder of a conversation worth continuing.  



Sealing the Deal for Your Next Interview  

Take note: landing your dream job is an art and a science. With these tips, you’re not just preparing for an interview but setting the stage for a memorable performance.   

So, make a lasting impression and step confidently toward that new chapter in your professional journey.  



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