Reducing Time to Hire – Smart Tactics for Talent Acquisition

Data has played a bigger and bigger part in recruitment. Knowing your key performance metrics will help you, as the Talent Team, to provide stakeholders with the support they need to fill their vacancies.

One of the most common challenges we see Talent Teams face, particularly within technology, is the average time that it takes to hire. There are multiple factors that can slow down the hiring process – from actually having people to consider as contenders through to the process itself.

At Vivo, we know how important it is that you hire the right people as quickly as possible. We also understand that there are times when this needs to be delivered directly through the Talent Team, rather than with the support of an external recruitment partner. We’ve put together our top tips to help you to decrease your average time to hire and make sure you do so without compromise to the quality of candidate.

Build a Pipeline Ahead of Time

This tends to be the place that most recruitment agencies outperform their Internal Talent counter parts. With a well-defined demand forecast, an engaged audience of talent who are primed as to the benefits of working for you can be developed. With more time to find, engage and nurture relationships with the talent your business will need in six, 12 and 18 months’ time will help you to find good people who want to join your business. Investing time each week to develop relationships gives you a wider bandwidth of talent and a faster route to successfully filling future jobs. Managers can conduct interviews with prospective employees, discussing future projects and the dynamics of the team. We see large tech firms adopting this strategy and talking to the talent that they believe they will need to be hiring in 24 months’ time and beyond.

Know Your Process

Clarity on your process, the purpose of each stage and who is involved will ensure that once you’ve begun your campaign there are no delays. Hesitation and delay in recruitment process is one of the biggest contributors to losing talent and processes having to be re-started. No one begins a process with the intention of delay. Things happen and calendars get busy. Make sure you map out the hiring journey and get everyone’s commitment and availability before you start. Ensure that stakeholders know the mission that is gong to be given to the successful candidate and what strengths they need to be able to demonstrate at interview. Manage the process effectively and incorporate a robust preparation and debrief loop so that communication through the process is clear with candidates and hiring managers. Develop your own checklists to ensure the transition from first to second stage is smooth and feedback has been shared in good timescales.

Know Your Own Strengths

AS tempting as it may be, not every role that is being hired within your business should be a direct hire. Being clear on the talent pool you have been nurturing, your strengths and weaknesses will help making decisions as to whether to instruct a specialist recruiter or complete a direct hire exercise. Electing to have a go first and then pass to an agency when you find yourself struggling is counter-productive. Time and energy has been invested with no return and your selected recruitment partner will have to go out to the market (and potentially some of the same talent) to complete the exercise for a second time. With greater clarity a direct hiring strategy is very successful when you know the pool, have developed an engaged audience or have recently successfully hired similar skills at a similar level.


At Vivo Talent, as well as advising clients on smart tactics to improve the process, we have also invested in market leading technology to help our clients attract, engage and hire top talent in a quick and efficient way.  Our Talent Magnets help our clients talk directly to the candidates they wish to recruit, increasing engagement and increasing diversity of applicants.  Talent Pools are nurtured through regular outreach programmes, educational content and networking.  We have implemented Video Interview Technology helps nulify the need to have all the decision makers available at the same time to interview, speeding up the process and reducing the amount of time spent interviewing unsuitable candidates.  To learn more about our products and how they help internal talent teams reduce time to hire while improving quality and candidate experience, please get in touch: [email protected]