Engagement – The Key to Securing Top Salesforce Talent

The demand for Salesforce talent in Europe is HUGE and it’s only going to get more competitive. Now is the time to ensure your talent engagement strategy is robust and everyone involved understands their contribution.

According to a recent IDC study, the projected net gain in Salesforce jobs will be 4.2 million by 2024. Competition for experienced talent is only going to get hotter.

The Salesforce ecosystem will generate $5.80 in revenue for every $1 of revenue generated by Salesforce themselves.

The use of cloud-delivered software involved with digital transformation projects is growing at 30% a year. By 2024, nearly 50% of cloud software spending will be tied to digital transformation.

The interpretation of this data is clear. Demand for talent will rise significantly over the next four years. As it gets tougher to secure talent it will be the organisations who can engage with their prospective employees to create a compelling candidate experience.

Just think for a moment about the impact of missing out on talent –

There is nothing more frustrating than finding the right person only to lose them at the final stages to a competitor. Rarely is this due to money. Far more of a candidate’s decision is driven by emotion – the environment, people, leadership and the satisfaction of the work itself. Money is a logic-based convincer for the emotional decision. If you’ve experienced this before, you’ll understand just how challenging it can be to go back to the start of the process. The delay in hiring has a knock-on effect throughout the entire project at times. The ROI of a candidate centric hiring process is high.

Thankfully, there is a solution.

Getting your engagement strategy right is paramount.

To help you build a robust engagement process we’ve set out our recommendations to help you engage with your prospective hires effectively.

1. Be clear on your offering

In a competitive world, your future hires are going to want to know why they should join your business, your team and your project.

Think about the talented candidate, why would they choose to join you?

The answer to this needs to be answered before you go to market to find people. The answer to this is likely to be sat in your department. Ask your team what made they pick you and what keeps them here.

2. What is the mission?

Job descriptions, as important as they are, tend to be… well, shall we say, “a little boring”?

If this is the first thing someone sees about the role, will it get them excited?

Will it create the anticipation required to set you apart from the other companies who are also eagerly seeking to hire a Salesforce professional?

Set the tone from the start, make it easy to imagine being there and contributing to the team. The real drivers for people that gets them interested in a role are –

Purpose – what is the goal, what impact will I have? What purpose does the organization serve? What will I be part of? What are the values of the team and the business?

Contribution – How will I be measured? What will be expected of me? What level of autonomy will I have? What collaboration opportunities exist? What is the leadership like?

Recognition – What is the culture like? How is success celebrated? What is the profile of the team?

Development – What will I learn? What mentoring, training or coaching could I have access to? What involvement will I have in developing others and sharing ideas?

These motivating factors will help a candidate connect with you and the business. Alongside this sit the hygiene factors of hours, location, WFH opportunities, pay, policies and equipment. These don’t motivate. They are hygiene factors that simply demotivate if they are wrong. Many of the companies you compete against when hiring are selling their hygiene factors as the job.

3. Communicate clearly and embrace technology

As a tech based professional, there is little excuse for not embracing the technology that exists around you to communicate your proposition. Consider each of the following to help increase the quality of the candidate experience and the level of engagement you have with those who go through your process.

• Ensure you have recent reviews on Glassdoor for those who are researching your business
• Clear and compelling content for your hiring page on your website or your careers portal. Is what your company shares relevant to those you are seeking to hire?
• Create video content to share – mini interviews with team members and the line manager.
• Candidate engagement pack – what you share with those who are coming in for an interview or considering an application.
• Pre interview video from the hiring manager – 30 second personal message for each candidate
• Structured interview process to help make it easy for candidates to pick you. It is as much about getting them to want to join as it is assessing their capability and potential.
• Quality feedback post interview. Your brand is built with those you don’t hire as well as those who join.
• Get your on-boarding right. The first 21 days are critical – this is when new hires have the most a-ha moments to prove they made the right decision to join you.

As a recruitment partner we help organisations build compelling engagement strategies, whether recruiting a single person or on a larger recruitment drive. These strategies help attract a broader more diverse range of candidates giving our clients more choice in the selection process.

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