You. Smart. Thing (YST) partnered with Vivo Talent to help scale their business and improve long-term recruitment strategy for all staffing requirements.

Company: You. Smart. Thing.
Sector: Tech Scale-up
Specialism: Technology, Sales &
Marketing & HR & Finance

Our Approach

Vivo Talent implemented our Talent on Demand solution, which gives YST a dedicated talent manager to help manage their talent acquisition, recruitment process, future workforce planning, and talent pipeline.

Utilising our Talent on Demand Solution, YST no longer has a challenge hiring the right talent at the right time. Vivo Talent has managed to reduce time to hire, improve the quality of new hires, and importantly built a talent pool of engaged potential future hires through future workforce planning and talent pipelining, while managing costs.

The Challenge

Similarly to a lot of startups moving to scale-up, YST found hiring the right talent both time consuming and unproductive, especially software engineering and cloud engineering roles. As a small team, dedicating time to focus on recruitment was taking senior team members away from their core duties of building out products, leading the team, and growing the business.

About You. Smart. Thing.

You. Smart. Thing. is a fast-growing destination management platform for organisations that need to manage people-flow, travel demand, and visitor experience. Based in central Birmingham YST’s technology enhances visitor experience and increases revenues by guiding people to destinations the smart way


Increase Hire Quality
Reduce Time to Hire
Reduce Agency Spend
Increase Inclusivity
Increase Brand Awareness
Increase Application Rate

Results: Having a talent partner on hand as and when required has helped ensure the recruitment process and all candidates receive a positive experience of YST.

The talent pipelining of suitable candidates has been a real game changer, as it means we have engaged potential future hires and continue to promote the YST brand as a reputable organisation.


Andreew Steele

Chief Finance Officer

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