Vivo worked closely with the business to create a story which highlighted the unique benefits to a Software Engineer for joining the company and team.

Vivo Talent successfully wrapped up the recruitment within 14 days and time to start was seven weeks, which allowed Ooodles to keep to the timescales for rolling out the new business strategy and branding.

Company: Ooodles
Sector: FinTech
Specialism: Technology & Digital
Sub-Specialism:Software Development

Our Approach

The candidate market is currently extremely competitive and most job seekers are constantly being approached about opportunities.

So to attract the right kind of people for Ooodles, we needed a different approach. As such, Vivo Talent met with Ooodles and together developed their employer value proposition, created an in-depth job brief, and a thorough but efficient recruitment plan.

Vivo utilised our Forensic Search to
identify software engineers within this
space, Talent Magnet to give a further
insight into the companies culture and
Vivo Live! to engage with talent through

By using all three of these techniques,
our Specialist Consultant was able to
secure the best Software Engineers for

The Challenge

Ooodles needed to recruit a permanent software engineer within a fixed time period to align their web technology with recent business strategy changes and rebrand. It was essential that they had a software engineer onboard and up to speed with their aggressive plans.

About You. Smart. Thing.

Oodles’ objective is to be a market leader within the fintech rental space and to ensure that the service they are offering to their clients is of the highest standard. To do this, they want to scale quickly, especially within the technology team, so that their tech is cutting-edge, developing at pace, and working optimally.

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