Vivo Talent brought on board three enterprise architects to kickstart a brand-new function.

The aim was to create a world class Enterprise Architect function that will help shape easyJets technology strategy in a digital world.

By following a strict search criteria, we identified & onboarded candidates at the beginning of the transformation programme, replacing expensive contractors & consultants.

Company: EasyJet
Sector: Airlines
Specialism: Technology & Digital
Sub-Specialism: Architecture

Our Approach

Vivo Talent worked with easyJet to build a story that would engage and attract the top 10% of the Enterprise Architecture market.

The team conducted a Forensic Search of the market, presenting a longlist of 30 candidates which were discussed in detail with easyJet.

Vivo Talent also presented back significant market intelligence which proved invaluable in allowing easyJet to restructure their remuneration package.

In partnership, Vivo Talent and easyJet created a structured recruitment plan that enabled us to move swiftly to offer and secure the preferred candidates.

The Challenge

Coming out of a challenging period due to Covid, easyJet are doing a complete technology refresh. They needed to recruit a brand-new enterprise architect function to allow them to shape their strategy moving forwards by implementing a world-class technology solution that will underpin their growth plans over the next decade.

About You. Smart. Thing.

EasyJet is one of the largest airlines in the world, with 308 aircraft, operating 927 routes across 34 countries and 153 airports. EasyJet holidays was launched in 2019 in order to offer holiday packages which encourage the 84% of customers travelling on leisure to spend more with us, rather than book accommodation elsewhere.

Vivo Talent and Jordan will always be my go to recruitment professional for technology requirements especially architecture.

He’s credible, personable and takes time to listen and build relationships with internal recruitment and hiring teams. Most of all he delivers results and provides honesty and insight where possible.

I would recommend them to support any large FTSE / Blue Chip businesses aiming to scale up their digital or technology capability!


Joe Harris

Talent Acquisition Manager

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