Top Resume Writing Tips to Stand Out in 2024 

When applying for a job, your resume is often your first impression. It’s your chance to showcase your skills, experience, and what makes you the ideal candidate. But how do you ensure your resume stands out in a sea of applications?   

Here are five tips to help your resume shine in 2024:  


Tailor Your Resume for Each Job  


When crafting a resume that catches the eye of recruiters, one-size-fits-all won’t cut it. According to a study by Apollo Technical, a generic resume will not help you; 63% of recruiters expect to receive resumes tailored to the post.   

Think of it as custom-fitting a suit; you want it to fit perfectly. First, read the job description and determine the employer’s desired abilities. Then, emphasise your relevant experience, matching it to the position.  

For example, say you’re applying for a marketing position that emphasises digital marketing skills. Ensure to feature your experience with SEO, social media campaigns, and analytics tools. This shows that you worked hard on your application and have the credentials they want.   

Remember, it’s about making it easy for the hiring manager to see you as a perfect fit for the role.  


Use Keywords from the Job Description  

In today’s digital age, many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen resumes before reaching the human eye. According to a report by Glassdoor, 95% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS.   

It’s best to include keywords from the job description in your resume to make it through this initial screening. This means inserting job-related keywords in your CV, not cramming it with jargon.  

Let’s say the job description repeatedly mentions “project management” and “budget oversight.” In that case, these phrases must appear in your resume within the context of your past job experiences.   

Doing so boosts your resume’s chances of passing ATS filters and reaching a hiring manager.  


Keep the Design Clean and Professional  

A clean and professional resume design can also enhance its readability and impact. According to Forbes, a well-organised, easy-to-read resume can improve your chances of gaining maximum impact 

Avoid overly elaborate fonts or flashy graphics that can distract from your content. Instead, focus on a layout that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate.   

Picture this: a hiring manager opens your resume and is greeted by a well-organised, easy-to-read document. Your name and contact details are at the top, followed by a brief overview and straightforward areas for experience, education, and skills.   

This polished presentation not only makes a great first impression but also helps ensure that your key information isn’t lost in a cluttered design.  


Include a Strong Summary Statement  

Your resume summary statement is your elevator pitch. It’s a brief section at the top of your resume that highlights what you bring to the table. According to an article on Investopedia, a compelling summary can capture the hiring manager’s attention and make them want to read more.   

Take this for example: “Dynamic marketing specialist with over five years of experience in content creation and brand management. Certified success in increasing website traffic by 50% and driving successful social media campaigns.” A strong summary like this reveals your value and sets the tone for your resume.   

Take note: it’s all about making a memorable first impression that compels the reader to investigate your qualifications further.  


Include Certifications and Continued Learning  

In an evolving job market, showing your commitment to continuous learning can set you apart from other candidates. Including relevant certifications and courses on your CV shows your commitment to professional progress and keeps your skills current.  

According to Investopedia, certifications like CFA for finance professionals or PMP for project managers can enhance your resume’s credibility and attractiveness to potential employers.  


Key Takeaway  

Overall, crafting a standout resume in 2024 requires a combination of the following:  

  • Personalisation  
  • Strategic Keyword Use  
  • Professional Design  
  • Compelling Summaries, and   
  • A Commitment to Continuous Learning.  

These tips can help you draft a CV that impresses hiring managers and passes initial screenings, giving you an edge in the job market. Good luck with your job search! 



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